Insolvency, Debt Restructure, Loan Work Outs

The periodic downturns in the economy have unfortunately left many individuals and corporations with excess liabilities and more limited income to cover the debt. This has led to a significant increase in bankruptcies, assignments for the benefit of creditors and foreclosures; a phenomenon that has created loss for both the debtor and the creditor and untold financial exposure for all concerned. But, Saltzburg, Ray & Bergman, as skilled counsel, knows that financial ruin, bad credit and large write offs are not the only alternatives to delinquent debts and large business losses. Our attorneys are highly sophisticated in debt restructure, insolvency proceedings and loan work outs. We have gained practical experience as well respected Trustees in Bankruptcy, court appointed receivers and judge pro tems on both the creditor and debtor sides of the transactions and have been involved in orchestrating hundreds of creative ways to solve financial problems that balance the creditor’s needs with the debtor’s realities to reach a compromise that all parties can respect. While sometimes the ultimate goal can only be achieved in a courtroom, Saltzburg, Ray & Bergman uses its long honed skills to resolve the issues without court intervention whenever possible. Because of our strong ties to the community and the limited attorney bar which practices in this area, our attorneys have built up relationships which inure to our clients’ benefit and facilitate problem solving in an effective and expedient way. Our fields of expertise include:

  • Fraudulent transfers
  • Asset Protection
  • Renegotiation of loans
  • Troubled debt restructure, work-outs
  • Enforcement of judgments
  • Provisional remedies
  • Asset recovery in receiverships
  • Preference analysis