Entertainment & Intellectual Property Law

The firm has extensive experience in all areas of intellectual property law, with an emphasis on representation of companies in the motion picture and television business. Lorin Brennan has worked for Lorimar Productions as a Director of Distribution Legal and Business Affairs, and served as the Vice-President, Business Affairs for Carolco Pictures. He co-authored the Independent Film and Television Alliance Model International Licensing Agreements, the industry standard forms for motion picture licensing. He remains a member of the IFTA Legal Committee, where he helped write the IFTA Model Sales Agency Agreements.
Our specific areas of expertise include:

  • Litigation and arbitration in contract, copyright, licensing and intellectual property disputes
  • Negotiating and preparing domestic and international:
    • acquisition agreements
    • distribution agreements
    • output agreements
    • financing agreements
    • security agreements
    • development and production agreements
    • talent agreements
  • Analyzing financial records for independent films

Publications: Mr. Brennan is co-author of the treatise COMMERCIAL INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LAW: THE COMPLETE UCITA (2006). His published articles include: Modernizing Secured Financing Law for International Information Financing, 6 Hous. Bus. & Tax J. 1 (2005) (with Prof. Ray Nimmer); Financing Intellectual Property Under Federal Law: A National Imperative, 23 Hastings Comm/Ent 195 (2001); Financing Intellectual Property Under Revised Article 9: National and International Conflicts, 23 Hastings Comm/Ent 309 (2001); Embedded Software – Fact or Felony? 43 U.C.C. Bulletin, Rel. 4 (May -June 2001); Why Article 2 Cannot Apply to Software Transactions, 38 Duquesne L.R. 459 (Winter, 2000); Financing Copyrights Under Federal Law, 41 UCC Bulletin, Rel. 3 & 4 (Aug. – Sept. 2000); The Public Policy of Information Licensing, 36 Houston L.R. 61 (1999); Why Software Publishers Should Actively Support the Uniform Computer Information Transactions Act (And What Will Happen If They Don’t), 1 Soft. Quality Prof. 49 (1999) (with Glenn A. Barber); Through The Telescope: Article 2B and the Future of E-Commerce, 37 UCC Bulletin, Rel. 3 (Apr.-May 1999); Through The Telescope II: The Meaning of UCITA 39 UCC Bulletin, Rel.43 (Jan.-Feb. 2000); The Consumer Interest In Disclosure of Terms, PLI Software and Database Licensing (1999); and The Copyright Wars: The WIPO Treaties and the New Information Economy 2 PLI’s Fourth Annual Institute for Intellectual Property Law 623 (1998).